Two Surprises in the World of Organic


For some, organic farming and organic products are new ideas. For others, organic products and production have been part of their lives for years. For these folks (us included) organic production has long been seen as responsible production – proven, scientific, and part of a sustainable future. But even we were a bit surprised by two aspects of the organic world we didn’t know enough about. The Unseen Organic Certification is an expensive proposition. This isn’t the …

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Essential Oils: Who Can You Trust?

Lavender Herb And Essential Oil

Industry on the Rise Essential oils sales are soaring and the trend doesn’t look to be slowing down. The market is estimated to reach $11.67 billion by the year 2022, according to Grand View Research Inc. The uses of essential oils range from aromatherapy to topical use and the benefits of these products are no mystery to consumers. The soap industry is no stranger to the use of essential oils. They are often used in the soap making process to provide quality, natural scents …

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Soap Base Formulation – Why So Many Soaps Fail

Aleppo Soap

Ever use a soap that didn’t lather or that left your skin feeling tight and dry, despite the label being full of ingredients meant to pamper your skin? The internet is full of specialized reasons and advice, but the cause of most underperforming soap is, like a lot of things, simple and fundamental. And it’s also as old as soap itself. The problem isn’t lack of exotic ingredients, but a weak foundation – poor formulation of the soap base itself. It Comes Down to This Here’s …

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Why Is Your Soap Only 85% Organic?

natural coconut walnut oil

If it weren’t for the chemistry of soap and the nature of organic regulations, we could put the USDA logo on our soap. Lye makes up 12-15%, by weight, of the original ingredients for bar soap. It doesn’t exist in the final soap product, but organic regulations require that ingredients be traced back to the beginning, to the product’s origins, and then be accounted for in organic percentages. Quality and Transparency As it is, we make every one of our soap bars with …

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Natural Means More With Kids Involved

Handmade Soap

It’s not a unique story and it’s not earthshaking news. But it’s true and it makes a difference. More people than you’d ever guess entered the natural soap and skincare business – making their own – when they had kids, or when their friends did. Most Vulnerable Here’s why. In all kinds of ways – from medical care to nutrition to car-seat and stroller safety – children are regarded and cared for as the most vulnerable among us. Where skincare is concerned, babies …

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