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The Custom Process

Made-to-Order soap is bar soap we make for you from scratch.

  • If you’re looking for soap made from your own recipe
  • If you’re looking for quantities greater than 360 of our existing Botanie blends.
  • If you’re looking for expert recipe development at no extra cost

Our Made-to-Order process is for you.


There’s no one in the industry quite like us, able to produce short-run and high-volume orders with ease. We'll make as few as 360 bars or as many as 20,000-plus.


Made-to-Order soap takes 8 weeks to produce, from the day your bar soap is ordered till we ship your finished soap.

  • We understand this is a long time. Cold-processed soap is like that.
  • While we wait, we’ll make sure we stay in touch to keep you posted and in the loop
    • Some of the options available in the Made-to-Order process can cause delays in your eight-week schedule.
    • We’ll make sure you’re well informed on what to watch for in order to meet your own timelines.


With us, it pays to order more. We make our soap in batches that yield 360 4-oz bars. We have price breaks at

  • 3-5 batches
  • 6-8 batches
  • 9+ batches

Low minimums plus our large manufacturing capacity make it possible for you to order the right amount of soap for your business.

Our Made-to-Order process gives you room to grow with a trusted partner. Not everyone pays as much attention to your business as we do, but for us, concern for your business is fundamental to how we run ours.


  • Bar size
  • Packaging
  • Ingredients
  • Shipping, and
  • Organic certification


We began as manufacturers but have grown to offer several fulfillment options.

  • We can package your soap in boxes you buy from us, or in boxes you provide.
  • We can label your soap with labels you provide or with labels we print for you here.
  • We can shrink wrap your soap.
  • We can stamp your name or logo into your bars.

The point of all we do – especially the options we continue to add – is to s to make your business and your brand as successful as possible.


Our default shipping method is FedEx Ground. We get very good rates and we pass those rates on to you.

  • We are always open to you providing your own shipping. There is a charge for changing your mind at the last minute, and there’s always a risk of you not getting your soap on time when that happens.
  • We have fully complete warehouse loading areas and can organize your shipment on pallets.


  • Ingredients are the prime determinants of final soap costs, and of all ingredients, essential oils make the most difference.
  • Certain ingredients – sandalwood and ginger essential oils, for instance – can raise the price per bar quite a bit.
  • Other ingredients – citrus essential oils, especially – don’t raise prices nearly as much.

The key is matching what you want with the investment you want to make.


Much of the success of your soap business depends on your marketing, where you sell and how you present yourself as a brand.

  • We’re happy to discuss your marketing plans. We have years of experience for you to benefit from.
  • Our customers range from small trade-show sellers to corporate skincare providers
  • For the details, we have great connections to box makers and printers.
  • We can print and design labels for you here.


The soap we make is certified organic. It falls into the third level of organic certification, “Made with Organic,” meaning at least 70% of ingredients, by weight, are organic.

Our bar soaps are all around 85% organic.

  • Certification is company-specific, though. When the soap becomes yours, the certification doesn’t go with it.

If you want the soap we sell you to be certified once it’s yours, you need to go through a process that could add six weeks to your timeline.


Our payment policy is simple and straightforward.

  • Low minimum ordering requirements make initial investments manageable.
  • Once you’ve made a couple of orders, and we’ve established a relationship, terms are available.