Soap Making Supplies On Sale! 2/8-2/18

Check Out What Supplies Are On Sale Now:

Make your own soothing herbal soap with pure lavender essential oil, certified organic base oils, and organic oats. All kits include full instructions.

An excellent herbal addition to your cold-process soaps, these golden orange flower petals withstand saponification without turning brown, and create a romantic aura.
Botanical Trivia: Calendula flowers are heliotropic – meaning that the face of the flower follows the sun throughout the day. Sunflowers and some species of buttercup are also heliotropic.

Due to its strong and long-lasting scent, even a small amount of Clove Bud Essential Oil can add complexity and intrigue to a wide diversity of scent blends.
Botanical Trivia: Eugenol is the main active oil in cloves.  It is an anaesthetic and antiseptic, and has been traditionally used for dental pain in many cultures around the world.

Nutmeg essential oil is at once spicy, sweet, and woodsy — providing a rich and fragrant property to your soap.
Botanical Trivia: Nutmeg is the inner seed of the fruit of the Indonesian evergreen tree, Myristca fragrans.  The outer fruit looks much like an apricot, and and can be dried or pickled for snacks.

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