Botanie Soap Is Getting Social!

Welcome to the Botanie Soap Blog!
We are so excited to share our new blog with you!  Here, we will be sharing interesting information about the handmade soap world, as well as beneficial business ideas for you, our customers.  We’ll cover the organic soap and skin care industry, provide you with old-fashioned soap making tips, and keep you up to date on what we’re doing here at Botanie Soap. And for notification about when we have a new post, subscribe to our blog feed. We hope you will join us and share your thoughts and ideas!
Facebook Contest
For another source of updates, check out our new Facebook page. Our first 500 followers will be entered into a Botanie Soap giveaway to be eligible for one of three $50 coupons, so be sure to Follow Botanie Soap on Facebook. At the 500 mark, we will randomly select three followers and announce them on Facebook and our blog. Happy Following!
BIG Changes at Botanie Soap!
If you have contacted us recently, you may have heard some loud construction in the background. We have been busy expanding into new space to accommodate our growing business!
By the end of this calendar year, Botanie Soap will be adding new products to its line-up. We are honing our formulas for both wholesale organic liquid soap and lotion, purchasing equipment to provide alternative packaging options, and creating space to provide amenity size wholesale organic soap bars.
Our continued success is all thanks to you, our enterprising and talented customers.  We truly appreciate your loyalty, and hope that our expansion will better serve your business.
As soon as these products and options are ready, we will announce them here, on Facebook, and on our website.
We are excited about the direction Botanie Soap is heading and we look forward to interacting with you through our new social outlets!

4 thoughts on “Botanie Soap Is Getting Social!

    • Hi Elizabeth — We actually mold our soap in large blocks, and then use wires to hand cut our soap into neat 4 ounce bars. Thanks for your question!

    • Hi Patricia — Great! Thanks for your interest 🙂 If you follow the link at the right of the page that says “Subscribe to Our Blog”, it will take you to another page where you’ll have a chance to pick what web-based news reader you would like to subscribe through.

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