Sale! Palm Fruit Oil, Madder Root, and More

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Botanical Trivia: Palm fruit oil is quite different than palm kernel oil.  Palm fruit oil is only 50% saturated, and palm kernel is 86%.  Palm oil, particularly from Indonesia, has been the target of environmental and social justice action as it is responsible for major deforestation in that region.  Our palm fruit oil is sourced from South America, and is certified EcoSocial by IBD Brazil.

This herb is a key ingredient when trying to make colors such as pink, rose and mauve. To get different reds, combine it with rose hip powder.
Botanical Trivia: Madder root powder comes from the plant Rubia tinctorum and contains the color compound alizarin. It has been used since ancient times to dye material and skin shades of red from pink to scarlet.  The infamous red coats of British soldiers were once dyed using madder root.

On its own or blended, pine scotch essential oil provides a fresh and woodsy soap scent.
Botanical Trivia: Pine trees are the most diverse family of trees in the Northern Hemisphere – there are over 250 different native species!  The oldest living thing in North America is a 4,700 year old bristlecone pine tree in Nevada.  Unfortunately pine trees throughout the world, weakened by the droughts, are under attack a number of different species of pine beetles.

You like citrus scents but lemon is just a little too much. Next time add lemongrass essential oil to get a light citrus and earthy scent.
Botanical Trivia: A perennial herb in warm climates, lemongrass can live for many years while harvesting from it every 3-4 months.  Most commonly known for its heavy use in Thai and Vietnamese cooking, the essential oil has a wonderful bright and grassy aroma that translates well in beauty products.  Recent scientific studies from Israel suggest its active components may be helpful in shutting down some types of cancer cells.

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