New Product! 1 Ounce Soap Bars

As many of you have probably noticed, we now have 1 ounce bar soap! After much demand and some packaging struggles, we have been able to put together a great 1 ounce bar option of soap that we hope will open up new options for everyone. We came up with just a few ideas about what we believe these new bars are great for.
For those that are in the hotel industry or run their own Bed and Breakfast, this size of bar is perfect as an amenity soap bar. Place it in each of your bathrooms and your guests will love it and most likely ask you where they can get more of it, so make sure to have some large 4 ounce bars on hand that you can offer them! We also paired the soap with some great recycled packaging that still gives you the chance to stick on a label that displays your creativity.
Other great uses for 1 ounce bars are in the form of giveaways. If you have a storefront, these bars work great as customer samples and allow them to find out for themselves how wonderful the soap is. Also, trade shows or your local farmer’s market are a couple other great areas where these bars would be great as sample bars. Last, with the three blends that are offered, you can provide a soap set that includes both the 1 ounce and the 4 ounce bars packaged together.
As for the packaging, these bars are pre-packaged in recycled kraft brown boxes. We have also placed some black print on the box (below) that explains very simply the high quality standards and gives a quick idea of what type of ingredients have gone into making this organic soap.

100% Natural Soap made
from pure plant ingredients.
Contains no synthetic colors,
fragrances, or preservatives.

Organic Amenity Soap BarsComparison of 4 ounce versus 1 ounce Lavender Soap1 Ounce Bar Soap Packaging
We are very excited to hear your thoughts on this new product, and we hope these new 1 ounce soap bars can provide you with new opportunities and help in your business success and growth.
Check out the new 1 ounce bars here

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