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Cut/Sifted, Lemon Verbena will give your soaps the look of containing botanicals with scattered flecks of green/yellow.
Botanical Trivia: In warm climates, the lemon verbena plant can reach 15-20 feet tall, and brushing past it will give off a cloud of herbal lemon scent. It holds its scent well when dried, and can make a nice potpourri with cinnamon sticks and chamomile flowers. You can refresh the scent of dried herbs by crumbling them gently with your fingertips from time to time.

Apricot Kernel provides great exfoliation and, proportionally, can be used in smaller amounts to achieve the same exfoliation properties as Pumice.
Botanical Trivia: The apricot kernel is the seed of the apricot, extracted by crushing the hard outer shell of the seed inside the fleshy apricot. When fresh, the kernel has a sweet, marzipan-like aroma, and has in some cultures been used for flavoring baked goods (apricot kernels should not be eaten in volume, however, as there are small amounts of cyanide naturally present in the seed.) In beauty products, apricot kernel meal is a lovely exfoliant that can be used in everything from cold-process soaps to body scrubs.

Just as expected, Cedarwood has a woodsy, and also sweet, scent that is considered to be quite comforting.
Botanical Trivia: Cedars are coniferous trees adapted to living in mountainous regions. Our cedarwood essential oil comes from the Atlas Cedar, which is native to Morocco and Algeria. Cedar has been known for its moth-repelling properties since ancient times, but its fresh, fruity & woodsy aroma is appealing far beyond that.

Being one of the most popular essential oils, Lavender is perfect by itself and also works well combined with many other essential oils.
Botanical Trivia: Lavender is a special flower, with hundreds, if not thousands of festivals devoted to it around the world each year, from the San Juan Islands of Washington State to the parks of Japan. Lavender essential oil is known for its deep calming properties, and is one of the most popular essential oils used in natural beauty products.

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