4 Simple Ways to Package Your Soap!

So you have just completed your own batch of organic soap or received some bars from us. What do you do next? Well, package them, of course! But how?
Here are four simple yet eye-catching ways to package your soap.
Boxes are a great way to exemplify simplicity as well as wrap your bars in both recycled and recyclable material. Slide the bar in either a brown or white recycled box, design a great looking label, and you have yourself a very presentable and lovely bar of soap in great packaging.

White Box Soap PackagingBrown Box Soap Packaging

Belly bands (cigar bands)
Belly bands, for those who aren’t familiar with them, are pieces of paper which wrap around your bars either vertically or horizontally without covering up the whole bar. This is a very economical way of both packaging and showing off your bars of soap. All you really need is ink and paper! Simply come up with a Microsoft Office Word template (or use either our vertical or horizontal template Download Here), design each panel of the band as desired and print and cut it out. To finish, wrap your bars, slap a sticker or piece of tape on the back to hold them together, and show them off!

Horizontal Belly Band PackagingBelly Band Packaging
Vertical Belly Band Soap Packaging

Wax Paper (or other kinds of paper)
If boxes or belly bands aren’t what you’re looking for, maybe something in the way of wax paper, or something similar, is. Basically, what you should do in this case is treat the bar of soap like a present that needs to be wrapped. Cut a piece of paper to the correct size, wrap each bar, and simply finish it off with a nice label or sticker to hold everything together. This method might take a little more time, but it allows people to see the soap colors through the wax paper – a great touch!
Shrink wrap
Finally, if you want an option that covers up the whole bar while still allowing all of its visual characteristics to show through, you might want to go with shrink wrapping. Start by finding a supplier of shrink wrap bags either locally or online. Once you’ve picked your supplier and obtained the bags that will work best for your bars, wrap the bags around the bars and shrink them with a heat gun (a hot hair dryer could possibly work too). Just add your personal label and you’ve got a bar ready to display!
Shrink Wrap Soap Packaging
So, there you have it! Four great ways to package your lovely natural and organic soap. If you have any other packaging solutions you would like to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments section. We love to hear your original ideas!

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