New! Two Soap Making Oil Blends

Good news for all you home crafting soap makers out there. In addition to our current organic base oil selection, we now have two new soap making oil blends that are made up of a combination of sunflower, safflower, palm, and coconut oil, with some extra oils in certain blends.

Organic Soap Making Oil BlendsBotanie Soap’s newest soap making products, soap making oil blends

Our base oil blends give you a great starting point for a moisturizing and cleansing batch of soap, allowing you to put your time and energy into creating that perfect essential oil scent blend.
Organic Soapmaker’s Oil Blend – Our soapmaker’s blend is the combination of oils that we use for our batches of soap. It’s our blend that has been perfected over the years and creates a wonderfully lathering bar of soap that is both moisturizing and cleansing. If you simply need to create an all-around useful bar of soap, then this soap blend is a great option.
Organic Extra Lather Castor Blend – On top of our sunflower, safflower, palm, and coconut oil combination, we have added castor oil into this soap making oil blend. This adds extra cleansing and lathering properties to the soap. If you want to create a shampoo bar, facial bar, or any other specialized bar, our castor blend is where you want to start.
Make sure to check out each blend to get more details. For each, we provide a superfat table that explains the different quantities of lye and water to use to achieve different superfat percent levels. Happy soap making!

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