3 Tips for Marketing Your Natural Soap

Marketing Your Natural SoapWith all the soothing organic ingredients, I’m sure your bar soaps are flying off the shelves! Even so, we’ve put together a few helpful tips on selling your natural soap.

Selling the bars individually is a great way to get customers to buy your soap and for you to maximize your margins. There is also another great way to move those bars off the shelves quickly; bundling. As an example, one bar is sold for $5 and four bars are sold for $20. Of course, this means you’ll make a bit less per bar, but if you think about it, your actual income per sale will be higher. Rather than focusing your time on purchases of single bars where you can make $5/sale (with about a $3 profit), now you’re pursuing sales where you can make $20 (with about a $10 profit).
If half the people that buy from you choose the bargain deal, then you’ll turn your bar soap inventory over faster and end up earning a lot more each week and month for the same amount of work! A sale is a sale. It takes the same amount of work to make a sale of one bar that it does to make a sale of several bars together, so why not try earning more per each individual purchase?
Don’t Be Subtle
Too often, business owners think their customers are getting the message. In actuality, many times they’re really not. Next time you drive through your downtown, look at the various signs that local business have in their windows or on their sandwich boards. Do you really notice them? Can you actually read all the details? Usually, the signs just blend into the scenery.
So be simple and bold. Try to limit your sign or your email offer to one item only, and let it fill all the space. You’ll notice a difference in your sales when your marketing is simpler and bolder.
Educate Your Customers
When it comes to organic ingredients in soap products and organic ingredients in general, people usually don’t realize how much better they are for your skin. Try building a marketing campaign around educating your customers on why a simple and organic ingredients list is the way to go. Those that say “well I can get Dove soap for half the price” provide the perfect opportunity for you to educate them about what all the synthetic ingredients in those bars are doing to their skin.
Whether in your store or in your emails, try creating an ingredient education campaign that explains the downside of long surfactant-filled, synthetic ingredient lists and the benefits of short and simple organic ingredient lists.

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