All the Ways 1-Ounce Soaps Are Perfect

Bins of colorful, organic bar soap in warehouse beneath text that reads, "What exactly do I do with 144 1-ounce bars of soap?"
There’s a problem with our 1-ounce bar soaps: They can seem like too much of a good thing. Even with their various mix-and-match scents — even with their world-class quality — you can still get stumped by the question of what exactly there is to do with 144 bars of soap.
Well, we’re glad you asked.


Ideas for Everyone

These aren’t just for people in the soap business, but they’re great ideas if you are. All the ways that 1-ounce bars can be used in personal lives are the basis of their appeal to your customers, as soaps to purchase or as samples and promotions for your primary products. They’re also the reason amenity soaps make such good promotional giveaways outside of the soap business.
So, whether you plan to use your 144 bars as a product or a gift-with-purchase, it’s important to understand all the different applications of soap in a person’s life — relating better to customers and offering them not just a bar of soap, but a bar of soap with an intention and idea.

All the Perfect Places for Soap

If you’re in the soap business, 1-ounce bars fall into two general categories: soap to sell and soap to use for promotions. If you’re selling the bars, here are some ways your customers can use them:
Handmade soap wrapped in burlap and twine to be used as a party favor.

  • Give them as gifts at bridal showers, banquets, family and class reunions, any occasion where thanks is given and guests are gathered at tables. Bars of soap are beautiful and useful complements to table centerpieces.
  • Place them at sinks all over the house. One-ounce bars are a better size for many sinks and a better fit for many hands in the shower.
  • Take them to work. Your coworkers and employees will appreciate the high-quality, organic contribution to the office bathroom.
  • Take them to church.
  • Take them to the family cabin. We use rosemary extract, a natural preservative, to extend the life of the soap so they’ll last between cabin trips.
  • Carry them in purses and packs — you never know when you’ll be at a restaurant and the person in front of you gets the last pump of soap in the dispenser.
  • Take them on the road and the trail. One-ounce bars make having the best soap possible wherever you go.
  • Make them the perfect seasonal stocking stuffer.
  • Donate them. Food banks and shelters are always in need of high-quality personal products. Far too often they’re stuck with whatever they can get — one-ounce bars are a great cThree one-ounce organic soap bars from Botanie Soap, with unlabeled brown boxes.hance to make a big difference with a small product.


Promotional Gems

You’ll no doubt think of your own uses. The best ideas are those that address your market and situation. Here are three of ours:

  • Give them out as gifts — it’s especially smart if you’re selling 4-ounce bars and want to get your high-quality soap into customers’ hands. Plus, your customers will be delighted!
  • Use them as samples at trade shows and art fairs. Have them at your table, on display. Invite people to smell them — sensory marketing can be a powerful thing, especially in the soap business.
  • Leave them with purchasers at stores and boutiques to promote your soap line.


Restaurants, Bed-and-Breakfasts and Event Marketing

Quality is an important part of all our businesses, but some — restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, event marketers — make it their singular selling point. If you’re in one of in those businesses, you should definitely:


  • Have them at the sinks in your restaurants. Don’t undermine the quality you’re known for, your attention to detail, by having customers return from the restroom with the smell of cheap soap on their hands.
  • Add a high-quality touch to B&Bs and hotels. Choose organic to be certain of quality. Be awesome to the last detail.
  • Give them out as promotions at your next marketing event — trust us on this one. Every time people use the soap, they’ll think of you, and they’ll associate you with quality that’s beyond the expected.


We know this list is incomplete. No doubt you have ideas of your own, and we’d love to hear them! Let us know how you’re using your 1-ounce bar soaps from Botanie either in the comments below or by reaching out to us directly.


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