Three Ways to Sell More Products This Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching, and, even though this year has been anything but typical, holidays will still be celebrated and gifts will still be given. As an online store owner, holiday season is an exciting time for you. You want to get in front of as many potential customers as possible and convince them to purchase your products as a gift. Here are three tips for selling more to both new and returning customers this holiday season. 

1. Offer Incentives and Specials

Holiday shopping is both stressful and exciting for many people. It’s fun to choose gifts for those you care about, but it can be draining to keep in mind your budget and the time you have available to go shopping. Special holiday products, sales and opportunities are all great ways to make the holiday shopping experience easier for your customers. This is also the perfect time to upsell or encourage additional purchases through buy one get one or loyalty program incentives.  


Example: For every $50 gift card purchased, your customer receives a $10 gift card free.

Cashier Talking to Customer

2. Take Customer Service and Shipping Seriously

Let’s be honest. We have all shopped for a gift last minute! It’s so easy to fall behind while shopping for the holidays, and it’s so frustrating, when shopping online, to not know when an item will arrive. Your customers are experiencing this urgency and frustration during the holiday season, but lucky for you, providing high-quality customer service and straight forward shipping information can make the shopping experience so much more enjoyable. Take a hard look at your website and make sure it is obvious to a new user where they can go to get help or find out more information about their order. Ship using a company that provides real-time tracking and allow your customers to purchase expedited shipping.


Example: Invest in a customer service app that allows for instant chat on your website.

Packaged Soap

3. Focus on Your Customers’ Needs

Similar to the tip above, your customers are experiencing a wave of emotions and challenges during the holiday season. Understanding these challenges and what unique needs your customers have during this time allows you to provide high-quality, high-value products and services. Wondering how you can find out what your customers need? Simply ask! Send out a quick survey via email or have your cashier ask them a simple question when they make a purchase in your store. 


Example: If you sell Botanie’s white-labeled soap to busy moms, offer free gift wrapping.


Level Up Your Sales This Holiday Season

The key to making more sales this holiday season is solving problems for your customers. From offering holiday discounts that encourage more purchases to offering top-notch customer service and additional perks, your company has the ability to make the holiday season simpler and more enjoyable. Once your customers realize that you meet and exceed their needs, they are more likely to continue to purchase from you year round, becoming high-quality return customers!

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