Tips to Avoid Olive Oil Fraud in Soapmaking

olive oil soap

We use it to cook. We use it for its antioxidants and overall health benefits. And it’s used regularly for making soap. In the realm of organic and natural, there are always products that possess a higher risk in quality. When it comes to olive oil, consumers risk sacrificing authenticity. The olive oil industry has a past worth investigating and a price tag worth over $1.5 billion. How Much Isn’t As Advertised? It’s been discovered that nearly 70% of EVOO sold in the world lacks Read more […]

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Why ‘Fragrance’ Isn’t So Positive Anymore

It’s everywhere. Depending on the season and weather conditions, a fragrance tells us what’s in bloom or what part of town we’re in. From cherry blossoms and lemon trees to peppermint and pine, scents have the power to draw us in. The problem is, fragrance and scent are more than just powerful triggers of memory. When synthetically-derived, fragrances are also the source of much short-term irritation and long-term health problems. In fact, throughout the skincare and scented products industries, Read more […]

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