Digital Marketing Updates to Know For Marketing Your Soap Business

Google’s ever-changing algorithm and SEO updates never fail to keep business owners and digital marketers on their toes. After all, one small change in the algorithm can completely replace any ranking on Google. From page experience to customer communication, here are the digital marketing trends and updates you need to know for your soap business in 2021.

Video Is Not a Want, It’s a Need

If you’re not already investing in video marketing for your soap business, you’re allowing your competitors a leg up in the game. Users love consuming video content because it’s easy to digest and gets the point across quickly. According to Wyzowl, 84% of users have bought a product or service after watching a company’s video. Not only does video marketing help increase the number of sales, but it also gives brands further insight into the relationship between the product and its consumer. Thanks to Wyzowl, we know that:

  • 94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.
  • 83% of video marketers say video has helped increase the average time their visitors spend on a page.
  • 43% of video marketers say video has reduced the number of support calls they’ve received.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Botanie Soap YouTube channel.

Page Experience Affects SEO


In June of 2021 Google announced they will begin using page experience as part of its ranking system. This means Google has created signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with any given web page. In short, Google will prioritize pages that bring the best experience to its users. In order to optimize a website for this update, soap business owners should sign up for Google Search Console and run a page experience report. This report is completely free and assigns each site with a score based on core web vitals, mobile issues, and site security. Common mobile issues include content wider than the screen, text that is too small to read, and elements that are too close together on a mobile viewport. 

Quality Links Matter


Backlinking is still important in 2021, but the quality of each link is what is most important. According to Google, the best links to acquire are from websites that have a high ranking with Google and are selective with their own outbound linking. For example, receiving a backlink from a site that has too many outbound links for it to be natural can be seen as a scam in the eyes of Google. It’s not so much the number of links you have pointing to your site that matters, but rather the quality of backlinks you receive.

Customer Service Keeps Clients Coming


Let’s face it: There are hundreds if not thousands of soap businesses operating in your region. Because of this, your customer care has to be straightforward, communicative, and effective. No matter the quality of your product, if a customer has a question or concern and they can not get in touch with the brand owner, they will get frustrated and spend their money elsewhere. A good way to ensure timely customer care is through conversation marketing like a live chatbot. Some soap business owners are active enough on social media to be able to handle their customer care through tweets and direct messaging. However, we suggest adding additional forms of contact, like an SMS text line, a phone number, or a contact submission form on your business’ website.

Shift Your Focus Away From Content Length


As previously mentioned, user experience is becoming increasingly popular with Google’s algorithm updates. Since the focus is now shifting to the overall experience of the user, it is becoming less important to have the user sift through paragraphs of content and more important to give the user exactly what they came for. For example, a person does not need to read an 800-word article to learn how to tie a tie, and Google is beginning to recognize that. Google is becoming more concerned with the quality of the content the user is given, making content length less of a priority. Generally, there are other SEO strategies that are worth focusing on instead.

Here are four questions you should ask yourself when creating content for your soap business:

  1. Does it provide value?
  2. Is this article grammatically correct? Does it contain spelling errors?
  3. Are there proper keywords?
  4. Does the article value the reader’s time? Do they need this much information to get what they asked for?

Once you have accounted for these considerations, then you should you consider your content’s length. 

Marketing Tips From Botanie Soap

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