Herbal Soap: The Perfect Fit for Sensitive Skin

  It’s not the first time we’ve heard this question: “I have sensitive skin and can’t use regular soap. Can I use Botanie’s organic herbal soap?” Imagine Skincare Products That Cared for the Skin Chances are the caller who asked the question didn’t mean real soap when she said “regular.” She meant soap generically, and most likely the skin detergents shaped and labeled to look like real soap. The reason our caller can’t use synthetic versions of soap …

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Made With Lye vs. Containing Lye: The Reality of Perceptions

Despite what we’ve heard, perception isn’t everything, nor is it a reality. But it is a part of daily life, and the soap world is no exception. How people see products and how their perceptions shape responses are part of everyone’s business, and the impact they have might have nothing to do with their accuracy. Caught By Surprise Not long ago, a customer of ours was blindsided by one of the biggest misperceptions in the soap world: that all palm oil is the same. …

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Fragrance Isn’t So Positive Anymore

Two vials of essential oils lay aesthetically among sprigs of rosemary and slices of orange, lime and lemon.

It’s everywhere. Depending on season and conditions, fragrance can tell us what’s in bloom or what part of town we’re in. The problem is, fragrance and scent are more than just powerful triggers of memory. When they’re synthetically derived, they’re also the source of short-term irritation and long-term health problems. In fact, throughout the skincare and scented products industries, synthetic and artificial fragrances have become the new secondhand smoke, not just affecting …

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Important Announcement Regarding Citrus Lavender and Lemongrass Tea Soap

As we’ve discussed in other blog posts, one of the challenges in working with natural products is the variation. Usually, this has to do with slight differences in color and scent due to growing conditions that may be similar but are never exactly the same. Another factor we encounter with natural products is global supply shortages. Our first encounter with this was a typhoon that knocked out much of the coconut harvest from our supplier about 10-11 years ago. At the time, …

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Back to School Means Hand Washing is Even More Important

kids raising hands at school

There’s a good reason reminders about hand washing start showing up in the month before school resumes. “Washing hands,” according to the Center for Disease Control, “prevents illnesses and spread of infections to others.” The website KidsHealth puts it this way: “Good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses — from the common cold to more serious infections, such as meningitis, bronchiolitis, the flu, hepatitis A, and many types …

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