How to Market Your Soap to Stores

Small Business

Selling your soap online has its own unique challenges, as does selling at farmer’s markets. Selling to retail stores might be the most challenging because you have two sets of customers, the store itself and the store’s customers. Store buyers are busy. Make that the first assumption of your marketing. They’re busy managing the products they already have and usually don’t have time to explore new products. There’s a strong tendency to stick with what works, what’s …

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No More Big Colored Chunks: Looking Great With Natural Soap Colors

Picture, for a moment, semi-transparent bar soaps with big colored chunks in the middle. There’s a chance you’ve been given soap like this as a present. There’s a further chance the reason for the gift was your affection for a natural soap. You’ve probably guessed. Almost none of these soaps are natural. No More Big Colored Chunks? Colorants are always an issue with soap. In truly natural soap, colors are derived from natural sources: herbs, plant extracts, and clays. …

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Why You Already Know What Bergamot Is

You might not know the name, but you know the fragrance, and very likely, the taste. According to one source, nearly half of all women’s perfumes and a third of men’s fragrances contain bergamot oil. It’s also the most identifiable flavoring in Earl Grey tea. Plus it’s long been known, in aromatherapy circles, as a calmative for stress. The Tree The bergamot tree, also known also as citrus bergamia, initially grew in Southeast Asia and China. When trade routes to China …

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Back to Basics: What Is Soap, Officially?

It’s a trickier and more complicated question than most people think. But then, a lot of things get complicated when there’s a difference between how we use words casually and what they officially mean. Soap is one of those words that surprises a lot of people. Soap is soap, after all. It’s either a 4-oz rectangular bar in a certain aisle of the store or a gel-like substance in a bottle with a pump. Both of those examples might be true, but the greater likelihood is …

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Making It Clear: Cold-Process vs. Glycerin vs. Melt-and-Pour Soap

A glass measuring cup contains dark, liquid ingredients for organic soap, including natural preservatives like rosemary extract.

Many of our frequently asked questions from soap makers are about the difference between cold-process and hot-process soap. In this article we decided to take the answer to these questions a step further and discuss glycerin and melt-and-pour soap as well! These methods are all quite different and leave the soap maker with a unique product. Which method is right for you? Read on to find out. What’s the difference between Cold-Process and Hot-Process soap? Hot Process soap …

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