Can a Vegan Use Our Soap?

Being vegan is about more than eating a vegetarian diet. As explained in 1944 by Donald Watson of the groundbreaking British Vegan Society, “veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion.” While advocating a totally plant-based diet, the Society also encouraged the exclusion of animal products from clothing, cosmetics, toiletries, household goods and everyday commodities.

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Which of Our Soaps Can Vegans Use?

Today’s vegans adhere to those same principles. They also understand there are significant health-related benefits of committing to a vegan lifestyle. But, it’s hard to know what’s contained in the personal-care products they see on the shelves. With the exception of our Shea Honey Oatmeal Soap, each of Botanie Soap’s 14 Ready-to-Ship blends can be used by vegans in good conscience.

From the fixed oils in our bases to the herbs, clays and essential oils used for scent and color, we maintain strict plant-based, cruelty-free standards. Our soapmaking processes – the ways we do things – uphold equally high standards.

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Why is Shea Honey Oatmeal Not Vegan?

It’s the honey in our Shea Honey Oatmeal Soap that’s the problem. We don’t use a lot, but it’s there. Since bees make honey, and bees are animals, the commercial use of their honey can be seen as a form of exploitation by humans. This makes the vegan equation for many quite simple: no honey.

The argument isn’t as obvious as the ones for leather, fur and meat, and there are some people who call themselves vegans who don’t draw the line at honey. But for those that do, it’s important to know where to find products and information they can trust.

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Shared Commitment

We share a commitment to acting responsibly and compassionately in the world. Both in the ways we live and how we do business. It is our responsibility to produce the highest-quality organic soap in the industry. But we also pride ourselves on providing the information consumers need to make informed and principled decisions. Not everyone does business like this, but they should.

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