What People are Saying About Foaming Liquid Soap

  If you’ve looked around the soap aisles, you’ve noticed that foaming soap is more expensive than simple liquid soap. The very thing that makes liquid soap foam – the pump dispenser – is what makes it more expensive. Beyond the Sticker Price Take a second, though, and you might discover this is a time to look beyond sticker price to overall value and cost. Foaming soap hasn’t been around as long as liquid soap, and certainly not as long as bar soap, …

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All the Ways 1-Ounce Soaps Are Perfect

  There’s a problem with our 1-ounce bar soaps: They can seem like too much of a good thing. Even with their various mix-and-match scents — even with their world-class quality — you can still get stumped by the question of what exactly there is to do with 144 bars of soap.   Well, we’re glad you asked.   Ideas for Everyone These aren’t just for people in the soap business, but they’re great ideas if you are. All the ways that 1-ounce bars can …

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Botanie Office & Warehouse Vacation Week

Botanie Crew photo

Our warehouse will be closed from Monday, July 2nd through Friday, July 6th. Orders placed by Thursday, June 28th at midnight will ship before this holiday break. All orders placed after midnight on June 28th will ship when we return in the order they are received. Why do we take this week off? One of our Core Values is to “Be Creative and Stay Scrappy”. In order to maintain both our creativity and scrappiness our team needs to rejuvenate. Each and every day our awesome …

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There’s Still Time to Rethink Your Holiday Soaps

The Holidays occupy a special place in our memories and one of the strongest triggers for memory is smell. Wreathes and trees, cookies and favorite holiday foods. They’re as much a part of the Holidays as presents. Candles and soaps, scented for the season, can bring these memories back. While you won’t find our soaps wrapped in ribbons or stamped with Christmas trees, they’re Holiday Soaps just the same, and all for their own reasons. Keep these reasons in mind when …

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New! Pre-Printed Bar Soap Ingredient Labels

!oz Box With Label

You asked, and we listened! At Botanie Soap, we want to help make your business processes easier and streamlined. To do so, we’ve listened to your requests and introduced pre-printed ingredient labels for each bar soap variety. These labels can be applied in multiple areas on your packaging quickly and easily and add to the professional look of your packaging. Each label includes the full ingredient list with an asterisk next to each organic ingredient. The labels are …

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