What People are Saying About Foaming Liquid Soap

  If you’ve looked around the soap aisles, you’ve noticed that foaming soap is more expensive than simple liquid soap. The very thing that makes liquid soap foam – the pump dispenser – is what makes it more expensive. Beyond the Sticker Price Take a second, though, and you might discover this is a time to look beyond sticker price to overall value and cost. Foaming soap hasn’t been around as long as liquid soap, and certainly not as long as bar soap, …

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Four Simple Ways to Package Your Soap

Making your own bar soap – or making a purchase from us – can be a great first step into the world of organic soap. But it’s only the first. The next step is deciding how to package and present your soaps. This can be an intimidating step, with so many possibilities out there, many of them requiring skills not everyone has. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. There are helpful videos and tutorials on the web, and to get you started, we have four simple, eye-catching suggestions to consider.

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Private Label Insight: Don’t Give Your Secret Away

White Label Soap

We run across the evidence pretty frequently, customers using product photos and descriptions verbatim from our website for their private label products. If they ever ask, we advise against it. Strongly. Not that we don’t understand the reasoning behind using what we have. It makes perfect sense to use our pictures, our descriptions and our viewpoints. Content development is time-consuming, labor-intensive and it’s second nature to very few. On the other hand, Botanie …

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Why Essential and Carrier Oils are a Good Combination

  Soapmaking lives in a space between science and art. Some aspects rely on chemistry and math, others on touch and intuition. When science and art get mixed up, it’s possible to apply mathematical standards to intuitive problems, or the other way around, and the discussions that follow can miss the point. It can be hard, for instance, to find agreement on the differences between essential and fragrance oils. The same difficulty can be true for essentials …

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Our New Website

Botanie Soap's new website

We hope you find our new website easy to use! We have put together the following tips to help you find what you’re looking for. All products – a list of all Botanie Soap’s products. If you are trying to find something you’ve ordered in the past, the ALL PRODUCTS page is where you can find it. Main and top navigation (header) Above you will see a screenshot of the top of the website with the main navigation (header). CUSTOM LABEL SOAP takes you to a page …

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