Consistency is Variable with Liquid Castile

Liquid Soap Dispenser

Liquid castile is a wonder, which is why sales keep growing. Not only does it have lots of uses as it is, it can be other things entirely. Unlike bar soap, castile is a finished product that can still be changed. The most obvious change is adding scent. Less obvious is changing its consistency to turn it into products that can seem completely different. Diluting Castile One of our earliest liquid soap customers was an auto detailer from Texas. He bought our foaming soap, …

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Can Vegans Use Our Soap?

Light brown organic bar soap with oatmeal sprinkled on top

Being vegan is about more than eating a vegetarian diet. As explained in 1944 by Donald Watson of the groundbreaking British Vegan Society, “veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion.” While advocating a totally plant-based diet, the Society also encouraged the exclusion of animal products from clothing, cosmetics, toiletries, household goods, and everyday commodities. Which of Our Soaps Can Vegans Use? Today’s vegans adhere …

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Natural Means More With Kids Involved

Bars of organic, colorful soap by Botanie are lined up during production, almost ready to ship in bulk.

It’s not a unique story and it’s not earthshaking news. But it’s true and it makes a difference. More people than you’d ever guess entered the natural soap and skincare business – making their own – when they had kids, or when their friends did. Most Vulnerable Here’s why. In all kinds of ways – from medical care to nutrition to car-seat and stroller safety – children are regarded and cared for as the most vulnerable among us. Where skincare is concerned, babies …

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The Nature of Natural Ingredients

Various spices and natural ingredients

We work with them every day, and yet even we need to be reminded occasionally that nothing is certain with natural ingredients. Not the color or quantity, not the potency or price.   Evidence of Truly Natural Whether it’s the linoleic content of this year’s safflower harvest or the sudden disappearance of madder root powder from the world market, natural ingredients are – before they’re anything else – crops and commodities. As crops, they’re susceptible …

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What’s The Big Deal About Essential Oils?

Essential Oil bottles

In the past few years, at home use of essential oils in the United States has taken off. It seems like every store now carries oils and oil diffusers. We have also seen an increase in the medical use of essential oils. The use of essential oils for everyday ailments and more serious medical issues might seem new, but the use of essential oils actually dates back to a time long before Instagram made the practice popular. However, even though this practice is age-old, producers …

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