How the 1-oz Bar Came to Be

Organic soapIf history and legend are to be believed, nearly all of the soaps we know today were discovered by accident. The exception is 1-oz bars. Often forgotten, lost in the shadows of larger soaps, 1-oz bars are in fact a revelation. Looking back, it’s just as their inspired beginnings foretold.

As with all origin myths, even those that don’t involve gods and cosmic events, the absolute truth of the 1-oz bar story can’t be determined.

How Things Started
Installing a Marseilles soap, vintage engraved illustration. IndThere came a time in the early days of soap – after decades of plenty – when there wasn’t enough. In some towns, not enough oil and fats. In others, not enough lye. The result was the same, though, in all towns. Not enough soap.

Dwindling supplies were a concern for public officials. They’d become accustomed to soap as a fact of life. Now, cleanliness, and the general public health that goes with it, were at risk. The Soapmakers Council was stumped. None of the members could remember ever having to address a crucial problem. Lives of plenty had rendered them helpless in the face of hardship.

What Happened Next
One day the Soapmakers Council was asked, “Why must we cling to the same old ways? Why must the 4-oz bar be sacred? Make better use of what we can make. Cut the loaves into thinner, smaller soaps.”
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And so, the 1-oz bar was born, perfect for the sink and the shower, perfect for gifts and promotions, and perfect for taking wherever it was needed – on the road, on the trail, in purses or packs, and with the sweet boxes the bars usually came in, even in the pockets of their jackets.

Handmade SoapIn the beginning, there were only three blends – Lavender, Lemongrass Tea, and Shea Honey Oatmeal. But as the world came to
love them more and more, three new 1-oz blends were unveiled – Citrus Lavender, Oatmeal Spice, and Peppermint leaf..

Today, the tradition and the myth lives on in Botanie Soap’s six 1-oz bar blends. Be part of keeping the story alive. See them all here.

2 thoughts on “How the 1-oz Bar Came to Be

  1. I wish I could purchase the small bars in all the varieties and without the unnecessary packaging (in my case). Clients love smelling them and taking as many as they like to try (we enjoyed the tryout package). Beside, they make a very nice festive and colorful gift.

    • Angela, you and I think alike. I’m pushing for being able to choose from all six varieties AND for offering them without the boxes. Both are inevitable (they do make perfect sense), but for the moment, I can’t say when.

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