How to Scent Your Liquid Soap

Two Bottles Of Aroma Oils And Lavender FlowersWe’ve been where you are. We’ve found ourselves wondering how to get the scent just right when starting with our unscented liquid soap.

It helps if you have a background in soapmaking, but if your background is in bar soap, you’ll discover the blend specifics aren’t the same. It also helps to remember that liquid soap is simply different from bar soap, and it’s different in enough ways that approaching it the same as bar soap will wind up wasting you time, whether through missteps or wrong assumptions. It’s good to approach liquid soap scenting as if you don’t already know everything you need to know.

Why We’re Here
16oz-castile bottle 100x150Here’s the good news. Since we have been where you are, and since we kept at the scenting tests until we got it right, you can benefit from our experience. Bear in mind, as with bar soaps, that essential oils don’t all behave the same, as individual scent components or as part of a mix. The numbers that follow are presented as percentages of total soap weight.

Actual Numbers
We recommend starting with 1% essential oil (1g oil to 100g of liquid soap base). In the majority of cases, that should be the right amount. If the scent isn’t strong enough at 1%, though, try 1.5% next. As mentioned above, essential oils don’t all behave the same. It’s takes far less clove oil, for instance, than orange to reach the same scent level. If you’re using multiple oils, your bar soapmaking background could certainly help in determining the balance required for the oils that you’ve chosen.

LemonsThen Again
You might still need more tests. If 1.5% essential oils isn’t enough, try 2%, 2.5%, etc. There will come a point, though, when adding more oil won’t result in more scent. Knowing that can not only save you time, but money.

Another variable to consider is whether the liquid soap you’re using is Castile or foaming. With foaming soap, too much essential oil can affect the pump’s ability to create a light, creamy foam. What might work just fine for Castile might need to be tweaked a bit for foaming soap.



6 thoughts on “How to Scent Your Liquid Soap

  1. Please how can I maintain the scent of my soap because most times after some days I perceive some awful smell from the soap

    • Only do small amount at a time start off with 32 oz first then make more when u get very low , I had the same problem because I made to much

    • Hi, Sandy. We don’t have a lot of experience with fragrance oils. We have customers who do and the quantities they use are similar, but how the two react or behave in combination, we’re probably not the best source. When I have questions about soapmaking that I can’t get answers to around here, I tend to look on the web. The Soap Queen is always the first person I think of, since she has such inclusive information.

    • Hi, Mukisa. Thanks for your comment. With the liquid soaps we make, the strongest blends tend to peppermint leaf and oatmeal spice, due to the peppermint essential oil in one and the clove bud and cassia essential oils in the other.

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