The Difference in the Soap Market is Men

Shaving Soap for Men

Numbers are crucial to a business. Whether it’s sales or staffing, returns or abandoned shopping carts, having current numbers available, organized, and understood is part of any business success.

But, as the rules of statistics will tell you, when numbers are small, especially divided into targeted groups — gender, income, region — they can be misleading and behind the curve. As a result, it’s possible to allocate funds badly based on a short-term spike in numbers or miss a sales trend because it didn’t look like one at the time. To be truly effective, big-picture numbers always need to stay in touch with individual sales, what’s happening on the ground.

Predicting the Future

Given this big-picture/real-time connection, don’t be surprised a year from now when you read about a new trend in the high-quality/organic soap market — the entrance and influence of men. The benefit of staying in touch with our customers as we do is we’re hearing about it now. Customers are retooling their marketing and rethinking the blends they carry. All based on the changes they’re seeing in sales.  Looking back, it was bound to happen.

Even before beard oils were the new black, men’s skincare sites were a noticeable presence. If you searched online, you could find shaving soaps, aftershaves, skin scrubs and moisturizing oils. There were also bar soaps, but the choices were limited, frequently, to pine tar and bay rum.

Expanding Horizons for Men

The legacy of men’s skincare sites is new awareness. Like most people before them, once men tried a higher quality soap than the mass-produced, synthetic bars they were used to, they didn’t want to go back. Quality and its benefits are hard to give up.

Light brown organic bar soap with oatmeal sprinkled on top

So Far

From what our customers are saying, the strong scents sell best at first with men — Peppermint, Oatmeal Spice — along with the citrus bars that fall into a familiar category of scents for men. But it doesn’t take long for the subtler scents to becomes popular — Blood Orange Bergamot, Prairie Sage, Pink Grapefruit.

Regardless of gender, soap buying is a personal, intimate decision. It’s one a customer like to make for the long term. Once they find the soap they love, that’s made in the right way for the right reasons, they like to stick with it. Quality wins customers and keeps them coming back. In the general movement away from synthetic mass production in food and skincare, people are making long-term choices. The men we see entering the market are no exception.

They’re here to stay.

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