What’s The Big Deal About Essential Oils?

Essential Oil bottles

In the past few years, at home use of essential oils in the United States has taken off. It seems like every store now carries oils and oil diffusers. We have also seen an increase in the medical use of essential oils. The use of essential oils for everyday ailments and more serious medical issues might seem new, but the use of essential oils actually dates back to a time long before Instagram made the practice popular. However, even though this practice is age-old, producers …

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White Labeling Explained

If you have spent any amount of time looking through our online store you know that we sell bulk soap and soap making supplies. You might have also noticed that we do not sell packaging with our Botanie brand on it. This is because we sell our product to be white labeled. But, what even is white labeling? Continue reading to find out! How it Works Also called private labeling, white labeling is when a company allows another company to sell their product under their own brand …

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Why Essential and Carrier Oils are a Good Combination

  Soapmaking lives in a space between science and art. Some aspects rely on chemistry and math, others on touch and intuition. When science and art get mixed up, it’s possible to apply mathematical standards to intuitive problems, or the other way around, and the discussions that follow can miss the point. It can be hard, for instance, to find agreement on the differences between essential and fragrance oils. The same difficulty can be true for essentials …

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How Do You Know if Your Olive Oil Is Authentic?

Olive oil. We use it to cook. We use it for its antioxidants and overall health benefits. It’s also used regularly for making soap. With so many of us using olive so often, it bears pointing out that we’re not always getting what we think we are. In the world of organic and natural, there are products that consistently make it hard to trust their quality. In the case of olive oil, it’s difficult to guarantee authenticity. The olive oil industry has a past worth investigating …

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Scenting Your Castile Soap

Green floral buds and flowers in brown bottles

There’s lots of science and math involved in soapmaking, and because they’re crucial to the basics of soap, science and math get most of the attention. After all, if you don’t have the right percentages of lye and fat, you won’t have soap at all, or if you do, it could be soap that’s painful to use or simply dissolves into goo when it gets wet. Like cooking, though, in soapmaking there is science and there is art. The best soap, like the best food, is combination of both.   How …

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