Sale! Soap Kit, Lavender Essential Oil and More

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Make your own soothing herbal soap with pure lavender essential oil, certified organic base oils, and organic oats. All kits include full instructions.

Juniper Berries are a great additive and provide three different soap characteristics. First, they provide a great exfoliating property. Second and third, the berries can contribute both scent and color. Check out the link to see what can be achieved!

Botanical Trivia: Juniper berries are green when young and blue-black upon maturity. If you’ve ever squeezed fresh juniper berries between your fingertips and not found much juice, you may not be surprised to learn that these “berries” are actually tiny conifer cones.

One of the most popular essential oils, and rightly so, Lavender has a wonderful floral scent that works great on its own or blended with other essential oils.

Botanical Trivia: Lavender’s name comes from the Latin word “lavare,” meaning to wash. The herb has been used in bathing rituals for thousands of years, beginning with the Persians. The herb was also used in mummification processes in ancient Egypt, and was found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The citrus scent of Lemon essential oil is bold, sweet and pungent and adds a nice fresh tone to your soap. Keep it bold and use alone or tone it down a little and blend it with complementary essential oils.

Botanical Trivia: Although lemon juice itself has a low enough pH (2-3) to be antibacterial, lemon oil is more suited to mood improvement than immune enhancement, according to an Ohio State University study. Lemon oil is also commonly used in furniture cleaners because of its ability to break down grease and fingerprints.

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