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Twice each year, we host a large sale on an item we call Scrappy Soap. Our Scrappy Soap is our world-class soap sold at extreme discounts because of simple, cosmetic impurities that prevent the bars from reaching our high standards. Read this article to learn more about Scrappy Soap: what it is, where it comes from and how to use it!

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Where Scrappy Soap Comes From

There are two main ways Scrappy Soap is made: 

  1. End Cuts: Every time we craft a batch of high-quality bar soap and cut it into the one or four-ounce bars available for purchase on our site, we have edge pieces that do not come out the exact size and shape as the rest of the bars. These edge pieces become Scrappy Soap! 
  2. Cosmetic Impurities: Every once in a while, even our highly skilled soap makers will make a small change to the soap making process leading to color or shape imperfections. Rest assured, this soap is still the same, high-quality soap you can order online, made with the best natural ingredients from perfected recipes.

Packaged Scrappy Soap

Donating To Those in Need

Not only do we offer our Scrappy Soap at a crazy good sale price to our email subscribers and online customers, but we have partnered with the Montana Food Bank Network and the Missoula Food Bank to donate almost 8,000 pounds of soap each year. These organizations make sure that a bar of our soap goes into every box of food given out. We love supporting our community, and this is just one way we work to make sure those in need have access to soap made from quality ingredients.

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Best Ways to Use Scrappy Soap

There are so many great ways to take advantage of our Scrappy Soap sale. From gifting to donating and keeping for yourself, here are five popular ways to use our this popular product:


  1. Keep it for yourself. You work so hard throughout the year selling your soap and turning a profit. Whether selling soap is your full-time gig or you use it as a side hobby to earn some extra income, it takes a lot of work! Buy a bag of Scrappy Soap to treat yourself and enjoy the product you sell without worrying about the margins. 
  2. Give as a free gift to your customers. Your customers are dedicated to your brand and product. Say “thank you” by giving your own brand of Scrappy Soap to your customers. Toss it into their bags at checkout or the box of goods you are about to ship their way. 
  3. Give as samples to new customers. Looking for a way to let customers sample your products without fudging the margins of your day-to-day soap operation? Use Scrappy Soap as a way to highlight the quality of your product and gain new customers.
  4. Give to family and friends. As a business owner, there is a good chance your family and friends have also sacrificed their time and energy to help your business succeed. Say “thank you” by sharing your Scrappy Soap with them.
  5. Donate to your local shelters and food banks. We all know how good it feels to wash up with one of our high-quality bars of soap. Do your part and share the feeling of high-quality ingredients and world-class soap with those in your community who are in need. 


How do you use our Scrappy Soap? Let us know in the comments below this article!

2 thoughts on “Scrappy Soap by Botanie

  1. I have donated to nursing homes. Residents must supply their own soaps and shampoos. Some can’t afford it and others have no family to provide it for them.

  2. I love Botanie Soaps and sell them in my small Herbal Remedy store. I also work in a local residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment program. I plan to gift the residents with Scrappy Soap for Christmas presents.
    Thank You Botanie Soap for great products and what you do for your community.
    Becka Hood @ Olde Souls

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