Natural Means More With Kids Involved

Bars of organic, colorful soap by Botanie are lined up during production, almost ready to ship in bulk.

It’s not a unique story and it’s not earthshaking news. But it’s true and it makes a difference. More people than you’d ever guess entered the natural soap and skincare business – making their own – when they had kids, or when their friends did. Most Vulnerable Here’s why. In all kinds of ways – from medical care to nutrition to car-seat and stroller safety – children are regarded and cared for as the most vulnerable among us. Where skincare is concerned, babies …

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What You Didn’t Know About Washing Your Hands

Hand Washing

There’s a good reason reminders about hand washing start showing up in the month before school resumes. “Washing hands,” according to the Center for Disease Control, “prevents illnesses and spread of infections to others.” The website KidsHealth puts it this way: “Good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses — from the common cold to more serious infections, such as meningitis, bronchiolitis, the flu, hepatitis A, and many …

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The Changing Face of the Organic Soap Buyer

Boxes of Soap

Sometimes signs are obvious, such as customers telling us that more and more men are buying their soap. Sometimes they’re more subtle, 1-oz organic bars taking off in sales due to the influx of VRBOs and Airbnb’s into the rental market. And sometimes signs are waiting for a change in perspective, a chance to connect the dots and be seen. How Things Were This is one of those last examples, signs as dots to be connected. The face of the organic soap buyer is changing. Once, …

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People Who Should Be Using Organic Soap and Aren’t

To be honest, anyone who has a restroom, kitchen, or workroom with a sink, shower, or tub should be using organic soap. Anyone who washes their hands, especially anyone who has dry skin, should be using organic soap. That last group (those with dry skin) might be smaller than the first two (everyone), but based on numbers for people who currently use organic soap, it’s not much smaller. Anyone using commercial skin detergents – more commonly known as beauty bars, cleansing …

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Price Matters: What Should I Charge for My Soap?

Price. It’s one of the most common questions we hear from business owners. Whether they are just starting out or evaluating their business. Depending on which you are the most typical questions are “What should I charge?” or “Am I charging the right price?” Here are our thoughts. It Depends We’d love to have a rock-solid answer that would be perfect in all situations. But we don’t. We do have a great working price, based on production costs and shipping with consideration …

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