Making It Clear: Cold-Process vs. Glycerin vs. Melt-and-Pour Soap

A glass measuring cup contains dark, liquid ingredients for organic soap, including natural preservatives like rosemary extract.

Many of our frequently asked questions from soap makers are about the difference between cold-process and hot-process soap. In this article we decided to take the answer to these questions a step further and discuss glycerin and melt-and-pour soap as well! These methods are all quite different and leave the soap maker with a unique product. Which method is right for you? Read on to find out. What’s the difference between Cold-Process and Hot-Process soap? Hot Process soap …

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Soap FAQ: Curing, Sweating and Seizing

Here are discussions of three terms related to soapmaking that don’t come up as often as we think they would. For the first term – Curing – the discussions is is mostly informational. For the second – Sweating – it addresses something that can concern soapmakers, but is in the end harmlessly natural. For the third term – Seizing – the discussion points out something potentially more serious, something that can sneak up on you. Two Things at Once Curing …

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Sodium Olivate, INCI Ingredient Names and Labels

This question has stumped a surprising number of people: What is sodium palmate? End the question with sodium cocoate or sodium olivate, and the circle of questions widens. Guesses and assumptions have been interesting. Most people don’t want it because of a lack of understanding. The truth is, sodium palmate is simply another name for something most folks are much more familiar with: palm oil, specifically palm oil that’s been saponified into soap. Sodium palmate isn’t just …

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How To Make Custom Soap With Our Blends – Part Three

Stainless steel bowls of colorful herbs to be put in soap

  As a great place to start, Botanie’s soap-making oil blends ensure a more convenient soap-making process while still allowing you to create your custom soap. In addition to convenience, these blends are tried-and-true and have been proven to create wonderful cleansing bars that are hard and long-lasting, full of moisturizing properties, and produce a dense, creamy lather. There are multiple ways to customize the oil blends, including adding additional oils …

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