How Handwashing Actually Works

The Center for Disease Control recognizes hand hygiene as an essential part of the U.S. response to COVID-19. You might have noticed a spike in your soap sales as people all over the United States and the world are scrambling to purchase cleaning products and keep their families safe and healthy. However, as we have discussed before, soap does not simply kill germs. Instead, it is the mechanical action of washing your hands with soap that removes pathogens from the skin to be …

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Herbal Soap: The Perfect Fit for Sensitive Skin

  It’s not the first time we’ve heard this question: “I have sensitive skin and can’t use regular soap. Can I use Botanie’s organic herbal soap?” Imagine Skincare Products That Cared for the Skin Chances are the caller who asked the question didn’t mean real soap when she said “regular.” She meant soap generically, and most likely the skin detergents shaped and labeled to look like real soap. The reason our caller can’t use synthetic versions of soap …

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Fragrance Isn’t So Positive Anymore

Two vials of essential oils lay aesthetically among sprigs of rosemary and slices of orange, lime and lemon.

It’s everywhere. Depending on season and conditions, fragrance can tell us what’s in bloom or what part of town we’re in. The problem is, fragrance and scent are more than just powerful triggers of memory. When they’re synthetically derived, they’re also the source of short-term irritation and long-term health problems. In fact, throughout the skincare and scented products industries, synthetic and artificial fragrances have become the new secondhand smoke, not just affecting …

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Pumpkin Spice Time of Year

Pumpkin spice promotion

We’re like most people. The holidays sneak up on us. The difference for us and our customers is the holidays arrive well before the leaves turn. In fact, for us, the holidays have been here since the beginning of August. Christmas and holiday events start as early as September for customers selling to stores, meaning their preparations have already begun, and in the case of our custom-soap clients, holiday soap is already in the works. It’s Back For the fourth year in …

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If You’re Fighting Them, It Helps to Know What Germs Are

Guilt is big in marketing. Just as cable TV ads will suggest you’re being selfish for not buying more insurance to cover “final expenses,” big soap companies will accuse you of not loving your family if you don’t buy the right product to protect them from the “germs” and illness in the world. We’re not in the insurance business, but we can tell you there is no one skincare product to make your family bullet-proof. There are products advertised as doing just that, but the …

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