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The Perfect Soap Mold

Perfect soap molds. Easy to set up. Easy to clean. Ideal for cold process soap. Details and instructions below.

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The perfect cold process soap making mold. Easy to assemble and to clean. These molds are designed for cold process soap batches that use 2 to 4+ lbs base oil.

Cold Process Soap Making Mold Features

  • Makes perfectly shaped loaves or bars
  • Easy to assemble and easy to clean
  • Works perfectly with Botanie's soap cutter

Soap Mold Dimensions (inches)

  • 3 lb Batch: 11 x 3.25 x 2.75 (L x W x H); 10-11 bars
  • 4 lb Batch: 14 x 3.25 x 2.75 (L x W x H); 12-14 bars
  • 5 lb Batch: 18 x 3.25 x 2.75 (L x W x H)16-18 bars
  • 6 lb Batch: 21 x 3.25 x 2.75 (L x W x H)19-21 bars

How to Estimate Batch Size

These oil, lye, and water proportions are approximate, but should give you a good starting point:
  • 3 lb Batch: 2.1 lbs oil; 0.3 lbs lye; 0.6 lbs water
  • 4 lb Batch: 2.8 lbs oil; 0.4 lbs lye; 0.8 lbs water
  • 5 lb Batch: 3.5 lbs oil; 0.5 lbs lye; 1. lbs water
  • 6 lb Batch: 4.2 lbs oil; 0.6 lbs lye; 1.2 lbs water

How to Line Your Molds

Each of the following methods works well. The difference is the amount of work required and the appearance of the outside edge of the soap bars.
  • Parchment Paper - This is the best method and gives straight, clean sides and corners. Cut your paper to the size you need. Grease the inside of the mold with shortening. Apply the parchment paper to the sides of the mold and use a spatula or other flat surface tool to iron out any air bubbles or wrinkles (work from the center of the parchment to the edges).
  • Plastic Wrap - This method is easier and faster, but it tends to create rounded corners and a few wrinkles in the sides of your soap loaves. Basically, just tear off a large piece of plastic wrap, place it into the mold, and press into all the edges and corners.


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