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Citrus Calendula Soap Making Kit

Start Making Organic Soap At Home!

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Make your own beautiful, herbal soap with pure mint essential oils, certified organic base oils, and organic peppermint leaf. Botanie's Citrus Calendula Soap Making Kit includes all the ingredients you need to make this soap at home. All materials come pre-measured to help you get started. A soap making guide and detailed soap making instructions are available through the links below.

Check out our image rich soap making guide.
Read our detailed soap making instructions.

Makes 15-20 bars (3-4 oz. each)

Featured Pre-measured Ingredients

  • Fixed Oil Blend - Blend of certified organic palm, coconut, safflower and sunflower oil
  • Lye - Pre-measured quantity for combining with Fixed Oil Blend
  • Scent - Pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Botanical - Calendula Petals


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