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Resellers (Including Private Label)

You may describe our soaps in your literature and websites by using the same features of natural soap and natural ingredients described on our website, and you may describe the same concepts we use to discuss what it means to be organic, but you may not copy or duplicate any of the photos, descriptions, or other content on our website or in any of our literature. Any features, concepts, or descriptions must be stated in your own words. For example, you may note, as we do, that lavender essential oil is known in aromatherapy as a relaxant or that ground oats provide exfoliation, but you may not use our words to do so. Replacing one or two words in our descriptions is not a sufficient change to make the description your own. Be Creative! It's your private label! Please note, this is for everyone's protection. If all our private label customers used the same descriptions, your private label soap would lose its uniqueness.

There is one exception: You are permitted to use our exact ingredients listings. You can find the ingredients here.

Again, photos on our website may NOT be copied. You are responsible for providing your own images.

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