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Corporate Level Custom Soap

Reliable B2B Supply

We get it. Your needs are different. You want to submit a PO and receive your order on time and exactly as expected according to the terms you and your supplier agreed to. You want to re-order with just a few mouse clicks.

With Botanie, business really is that simple and that reliable.

Have you ever been frustrated by your supplier? At Botanie, we believe in better. Better products. Better service. Better reliability.

In today's business world driven by maximization and cutting corners, working with us is like a breath of fresh air. Better is possible.

And here's the Botanie difference: We do all that, but also with the customer service of a face-to-face encounter. After all, larger companies are still run by people, and we believe treating people right is the best business.

A few examples of our corporate clients:

  • National skin care brands
  • Organic pesticide manufacturers
  • Natural grocery store chains
  • Online gift distributors
  • Specialty and boutique hotels and lodges
  • Organic vegetable distributors
  • Multi-level marketing companies
  • Natural home products brands
  • Specialty skin care brands
  • Promotional products companies
  • Exporters
  • More...

Use the form on this page to let us know about your custom soap project. We'd love to help.

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