Wholesale Sample Set: Thin Bars & Liquid Soap

  • 2 samples sets combined into one
  • 15 bar soap varieties
  • 7 liquid soap varieties
  • Samples of all 6 soap box colors

Interested in wholesale private label soap? Try both liqud and bar soap! This wholesale soap sample set includes both the thin bar sample set and the liquid soap sample set.

Liquid Soap Samples:
  • 7 liquid soap sample size bottles
  • 3 foaming soap sample bottles
  • 4 all-purpose castile soap sample bottles
Thin Bar Soap Samples:
  • One bar each of all 15 varieties
  • 14 thin bars (1.25 oz)
  • One full size bar (4 oz)
  • Samples of all 6 colored soap boxes

samples ship free (CONTINENTAL US ONLY) - Receive free FedEx ground shipping (only applies to sample)

note: If any other items besides the sample packs are added to your order, your calculated FedEx shipping will only include rates for the additional items and not the samples pack.

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