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Calendula Petals

Soap Color: adds highlights of yellow-orange flower petals

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Calendula officinalis

Soap Color: adds highlights of yellow-orange flower petals

CALENDULA PETALS are the best herbal additive to give your soaps the "flower petals" effect. They withstand saponification without turning brown, and they bring a great yellow-orange accent to your soaps. Botanie's calendula petals are just that: the petals. No more wasting time picking the petals off the flower heads. Works well with a white soap base and with other herbs.

USAGE: Simply add the petals directly at trace and blend well before adding essential oils. If you are using an electric method of stirring, do not leave the device unattended. Sometimes the petals can bunch up and cause the stirring device to wobble when left unattended. Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. sizes.


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