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Chamomile Powder

Soap Color: beige (light to dark)

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Chamomile Powder - 16 oz
Chamomile Powder - 4 oz
Chamomile Powder - 8 oz



Matricaria recutita

Soap Color: beige (light to dark)

CHAMOMILE POWDER provides a pastel beige color with small flecks when directly added to soap. To best obtain the herbal properties of chamomile powder, it is recommended to do an herbal infusion in oil, and use the oil as part of your base oil blend. You could also add a very small amount of the oil infusion directly at trace.

USAGE: Simply add the powder directly at trace and blend well before adding essential oils or create an herbal infusion and use the oil as part of your base blend. Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. sizes.


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