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Juniper Berries (Organic)

Soap Color: light gray with dark flecks

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Juniper Berries (Organic) - 8 oz
Juniper Berries (Organic) - 16 oz
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Juniperus Communis

Soap Color: light gray with dark flecks

ORGANIC JUNIPER BERRIES are a great exfoliant that also contribute scent and color to your soap. They'll provide a light gray background tone to your bars, and the berry pieces will provide dark reddish-purple-brown flecks. Organic juniper berries also give your soap a sweet, slightly woodsy scent. Blends well with essential oils such as cedarwood, fir and spruce.

USAGE: The berries are dried and hard. Grind them first with a coffee grinder. Add the ground berries at trace and blend well before adding essential oils. Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. sizes.


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