Custom Label Printing FAQ

We print custom labels at Botanie.

They are high-resolution and full color. Read through our FAQ's below, and then contact on of our customer service reps about getting your own custom soap labels.

Will you print my own design?

We'll print labels as needed for Made-To-Order soap. And because you’re our soap customer, our printing prices are far lower than you’ll find anywhere else.

Can you help with my graphic design?

We can provide advice about content and label requirements (such as ingredients listings or requirements for organic labeling) and even a little about styling, but we do not offer graphic design services.

Can I get custom labels for the soap I ordered online?

For soap you purchased online, we offer 8.5x11 sheets of labels you can print using your office/home printer. We print custom labels for custom production bar soap or custom liquid soap orders. This is Made-To-Order soap and does not apply to web orders.

Can I order labels without ordering soap?

Not at this time. We print labels to accompany your custom bar or liquid soap order.

Botanie Soap Bar & Label Roll
Custom Soap Labels

Are your liquid soap labels waterproof?


Do you apply the labels?

Yes. When you order custom soap and labels, we provide you with a finished product that is shelf ready.

Can labels be applied directly to bare soap bars?

No. We recommend soap boxes or clear shrink wrap as your primary packaging. The labels work perfectly with both of these.

What are the minimums?

Minimums for label printing correspond to the minimums for our custom production batches:

  • 4 oz bars: 360 per blend (one batch)
  • 1 oz bars: 1500 per blend (one batch)
  • Liquid soap: 25 gallons per blend, distributed into bottles. For example, if you ordered the minimum custom batch of 32 oz Grapefruit Castile Soap, there are 4 x 32 oz bottles per gallon. We would distribute the 25 gallons into 20 bottles and print labels for them.

Learn more about minimums and custom soap production

What sizes are your labels?

We stock the following sizes. They are designed to fit our bar soap and liquid soap sizes.

  • 1 x 2 inches
  • 3 x 4.5 inches
  • 3 x 7 inches
  • 2 x 2.75 inches (foam soap pump teardrop shape labels)
  • Custom sizes other than these are also available through our label supplier at higher volumes (approx. 10,000/run). Please call if you need a custom size label.

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