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Online Mix & Match Ordering

How it all works

Whether you want to resell our soap under your brand, or just want to save money buying in bulk, Online Mix & Match is how you order our pre-made organic wholesale soap online.

  • Mix & Match blends
  • Mix & Match quantities
  • Buy in bulk with the option to add packaging and labels
  • Everything you need to make this soap your own is here

! ! ! If you generally order less than 1,000 bars or 100 gallons of liquid soap at a time, this is the program for you.

Read all about it on this page and let us know if you have questions!

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Start mixing and matching

  • It's about flexibility...
  • Choose from organic bar soap, organic foam soap, and organic castile soap.
  • Choose the quantities and scent blends for each.
  • Get the perfect soaps to match your brand.
Easily Mix and Match Soap Online


Choose your boxes

(optional for full size bar soap)

  • These boxes are custom made to perfectly fit our bars.
  • Select a soap box color for your brand.
  • If you buy bar soap but don't add boxes, we’ll ship bare bars for you.
Select From a Variety of Box Colors


Choose your labels

(optional for bar or liquid soap)

  • Blank product labels come on 8.5x11 sheets and work with your printer (print your own)
  • Choose waterproof labels for your liquid soap produts
  • Pre-printed ingredient labels are available for all bar and liquid soap blends
Select Your Label Options


Love your own
custom label soap

(sell it or give it away as you choose)

  • Your own custom branded organic soap
  • Wedding favors
  • Customized holiday gifts
  • Business promotional items

When you buy soap from us, it is 100% yours to use with your own custom label.

Easily Mix and Match Soap Online

It's all about flexibility. Online mix & match puts YOU in control.

Does this seem like a fit for you?

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