Cocoa Butter (Organic)

Aroma: Chocolate-like

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Theobroma cacao

Color: Light Yellow

Aroma: Chocolate-like

Organic Cocoa Butter is a well known butter that can either be used alone or incorporated into skin care products such as cosmetics, soaps, and lotions. It has a pleasant chocolate aroma and when added into products, depending on the quantity added, can provide some scent.

Cocoa Butter is probably most known for its great moisturizing properties that help to soothe and hydrate the skin. At room temperature Cocoa Butter is hard, but upon contact with the skin, it will melt allowing it to quickly absorb and relieve dry and irritated skin.

As well as being known for its emollient properties, Cocoa Butter is known to be one of the most stable fats. It also has natural antioxidants that help keep it from getting rancid. These two characteristics allow for a good storage life of 1-3 years.


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