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Palm Fruit Oil - RBD (Organic & Sustainable)

USDA Certified Organic Palm Oil

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Palm Fruit Oil - RBD (Organic & Sustainable) - 35 pounds
Palm Fruit Oil - RBD (Organic & Sustainable) - 7 pounds



Sustainable and USDA Certified Organic Palm Oil

Palm oil contributes lather, moisturizing properties, and hardness to bar soap.

Our supplier is the first American company to be granted a 100% sustainable identity by the most stringent criteria of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and is certified both Fair Trade and EcoSocial. Their partner at the source in northeastern Brazil has been called, by Greenpeace, a blueprint for the rest of the palm-oil industry.

MORE TO THE STORY: In response to the deforestation and animal habitat destruction that palm plantations are responsible for, some soapmakers and consumers have sworn off palm oil entirely, as their way of affecting the industry. For our part, we’ve chosen to support the efforts of suppliers who work exclusively with organic, fair-trade farms and, in doing so, be a part of building palm oil’s brighter, sustainable future. See the complete story here.


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