Make your products stand out. Choose the soap packaging that is perfect for your own brand.

At Botanie, we’re all about YOUR product. Our packaging options are designed for flexibility and with your brand in mind.

colored soap boxes
Bar Soap

Choose from 6 soap box colors to make your brand stand out. All soap boxes are made from recycled materials.

Blank Print-Your-Own Labels

Blank product labels come on 8.5x11 sheets and work with your inkjet or laser printer. Choose waterproof labels for your liquid soap products.

Organic soap ingredient labels

Pre-printed ingredient labels for all blends of our bar soap, castile soap, and foaming soap. So much easier than printing your own!

Custom Soap Labels
Custom Label

We'll print labels for your custom bar soap or custom liquid soap order.


Prefer the flexibility of filling your own bottles? We have a variety of bottle sizes to fill with our bulk castile soap, bulk foaming soap, or carrier oils.