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Soap Making Supplies

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Scent your organic soap with essential oils to give it a naturally beautiful aroma!

Organic Herbs And Additives

Soap Making Herbs

Add striking, elegant colors to your bar soap with one or more organic herbs!

Organic Fixed Oils

Organic Carrier Oils

Our fixed, carrier oils are USDA certified organic and provide that desired thick and nutritious lather!

Organic Oil Blends

Soap Making Oil Blends

For moisturizing and cleansing bars, try starting with our pre-made base oil blends.

Sodium Hyrdoxide


Try adding some extra moisturizing properties with these amazing butters!

Natural Preservatives

Natural Preservatives

Extend the shelf life of your natural products with these preservatives.

Sodium Hyrdoxide

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

Now you can get everything you need to make your own handmade soap in one spot!

Soap Making Kits

Soap Making Kits

Get a pre-measured soap making kit and start making your own cold-process soap at home!

Potassium Hyrdoxide

Potassium Hydroxide (Lye)

Now you can get everything you need to make your own liquid soap in one spot!