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Shea Butter (Organic, Unrefined)

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Product Name Price Qty
Shea Butter (Organic, Unrefined) - 8 oz.
Shea Butter (Organic, Unrefined) - 16 oz.
Shea Butter (Organic, Unrefined) - 2 lbs

Product Overview

Butyrospermum parkii

Color: Off-White
Aroma: Nutty - based upon amount, the scent can show through in products.

In its unrefined form, Shea Butter is both moisturizing and softening. Often used as a base for ointments, it’s also used in cosmetics, lotions, and soaps. Its vitamin-richness can aid in relief of dry, itchy, and irritated skin. Shea butter also offers a limited amount of UV protection and can be used as an ingredient in sunscreen recipes.

MORE TO THE STORY: Shea butter lives in two different worlds. One is the savannas of Western and Central Africa. The other is the shelves of upscale boutiques and cosmetics aisles. The problem is, once shea butter makes it to the shelves, the refining process that makes it more appealing to upscale customers can have removed much of what makes it beneficial to begin with. See the whole story here.

Organic Shea Butter