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Alkanet Root Powder (Wildcrafted)

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Product Name Price
Alkanet Root Powder (Wildcrafted) - 4 oz
Alkanet Root Powder (Wildcrafted) - 8 oz
Alkanet Root Powder (Wildcrafted) - 16 oz

Product Overview

Batschia Canescens

Soap Color: shades of blue-purple

ALKANET ROOT POWDER is the best option for shades of purple. You can achieve every shade of purple from a light gray stone to a dark midnight color. Work carefully with this herb, as alkanet root powder can stain. Don't worry, though; when it's in your soap, it won't stain the user's skin. Alkanet root powder combines well with Organic Comfrey Root Powder.

USAGE: Simply add the powder directly at trace and blend well before adding essential oils. (Or, if you like extra work, steep the powder in warm oil first, strain, and then add this to the recipe as part of your total oil.) Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. sizes.

MORE TO THE STORY: Its history goes back to at least 70 C.E. You might have seen it called Burlgoss, Orachanet, Alkanna tinctoria, or Anchusa. You might have known that tinctoria, in Latin, means "used for dyeing or staining," and Anchusa comes from the Greek word anchousa, meaning "paint." See the complete story here.

Alkanet Root Powder