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Annatto Seed Powder (Organic)

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Annatto Seed Powder (Organic) - 4 oz
Annatto Seed Powder (Organic) - 8 oz
Annatto Seed Powder (Organic) - 16 oz

Product Overview

Hordeum Vulgare

Soap Color: butter yellow to pumpkin orange

ORGANIC ANNATTO SEED POWDER is a soap making herb you definitely want to have on hand. Use it to give your soaps a warm color range. This one organic herb can yield everything from butter yellow to deep pumpkin orange and all shades in between - it just depends on how much you add. In addition to the shades of yellow and orange, this herb contributes tiny dark flecks, which make these colors very appealing. You have to be careful, however. Organic annatto seed powder has an earthy scent that can be noticeable when you start going after colors such as pumpkin orange. In other words, think about which essential oils can either mask (or blend with) this herb when you try to hit those deeper orange shades. We recommend scent blends containing essential oils such as Cedarwood Atlas and Patchouli when you make deeper orange soaps. Each of these blends well with the mild, earthy tones you get from using higher quantities of organic annatto seed powder.

USAGE: Simply add the powder directly at trace and blend well before adding essential oils. (Or, if you like extra work, steep the powder in warm oil first, strain, and then add this to the recipe as part of your total oil.) Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. sizes.

Annatto Seed Powder