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Orange Peel Powder (Organic)

Soap Color: shades of orange to tan

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Orange Peel Powder (Organic) - 4 oz
Orange Peel Powder (Organic) - 8 oz
Orange Peel Powder (Organic) - 16 oz



Citrus Sinensis

Soap Color: shades of orange to tan

ORGANIC ORANGE PEEL POWDER contributes both color and scent to your soaps. Use alone for shades of dark orange to tan, or combine with organic annatto seed powder for brighter yellow-orange or with madder root or organic rose hip powder for shades of deeper red-orange. The individual grains of organic orange peel powder vary in color, which gives an interesting visual texture to your soaps. The subtle scent from organic orange peel powder combines well with many essential oils and blends.

USAGE: Add the powder directly at trace and blend well before adding essential oils. Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. sizes.


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