How do Botanie Soap's private-label soap and packaging options work for you?

Simply put, we provide you with the tools and information to help build or expand your successful soap or skincare line. What are those tools?
  • 14 blends of the highest quality cold-process organic soap in the industry.
  • 7 blends of the highest quality organic foaming hand soap.
  • Bottles and recycled blank boxes that give you a blank canvas for building your brand.
  • Blank label sheets to be used with your home printer for your design.

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Find out how Botanie Soap's wholesale private label soap can work for you!

Wholesale Private Label Soap

Choose between our 14 blends of 4 oz organic bar soap and between our 6 blends of 1 oz organic bar soap for your private label use. All are made from 85% organic ingredients, and they are Ready To Ship at any time directly online.

Recycled Packaging Options

We have been able to source a Kraft brown and white recycled box option that fit our 4 oz bars perfectly. These boxes come blank, which gives you the creative freedom to cover them however you'd like or leave them just how they are!

High-Gloss Blank Sheet Labels

After working with your designer to come up with a label design, simply purchase blank label sheets and print your labels from your home or office printer. These labels are high-gloss and can be used with both ink jet and laser jet printers.