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Wholesale Natural Soap With Quantity Discounts

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Botanie Soap - Certified Organic

Botanie Soap's Privacy Policy - Safe, Secure, and Simple

Botanie Soap's privacy policy is straightforward and simple. We do not share, sell, or trade any of our customer's personal information. All information we collect from you is used solely by Botanie Soap to process your order or send you the information you requested.

Wholesale Natural Soap For Your Private Label Needs

Our mission is straightforward and simple. We want to make the best organic bar soap for your private label needs while at the same time provide unprecedented full support.

  • How will Botanie Soap help you?
  • Your Private Label: When you buy our soap, it becomes yours to sell with your label. No manufacture listing required. After all, it's your company.
  • Organic Certification: Stand out from others who loosely use the phrase "natural" with a certified 85% organic bar soap product.
  • Customer Service: We still believe in customer service here. When you become our customer, we consider you part of the family.

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Your Private Label Soap
Wholesale Natural Soap
Made with Organic Ingredients
Made with Organic Ingredients
Responsive Customer Service
Responsive Customer Service
Who Does Botanie Soap Work With?
All Company Sizes: We have a soap plan for your company regardless of its size. Our minimum for wholesale natural soap is only 48 bars. On the other hand, if you need 20,000 customized bars, we'll put soap in your hands as well. Regardless of its size, we'd love to learn more about your company and how we can help.

What Is Organic Certification?
Set Your Company Apart: Everyone uses the term "natural" these days. But "natural" has no standards - it just means what any company wants it to. With organic, you are assured that your private label products have passed official certification.

How Will Botanie Soap Help My Company?
Customer Service: We still believe in customer service here. When you become our customer, we consider you part of the family. You'll receive full support, personal communications, and tips for selling your soaps.

Aren't you ready to see results like these?

"My customers just LOVE your soap. Thank you so much! "
Jackie G., Philadelphia, PA

"I'd like to thank you for your professional service. Top notch from beginning to end."
Andrew W., Portland, OR

"I'm so glad to be associated with a company like yours."
Dori F., Orlando, FL