Wholesale Bar Soap Overview

Organic wholesale soap solutions for your business's private label

Botanie Soap wants to help your business succeed. We do that by offering high-quality, cold-process bar soap, multiple packaging options and helpful tips and information for getting your bar-soap brand going.

What It Means to Buy Ready-to-Ship Soap

You won’t find this anywhere else: 14 blends of world-class soap with low purchase minimums and wholesale pricing, plus boxes and labels to complete your private-label package. Here’s what makes us different.

No Waiting

  • Unlike our Made-to-Order soap, which takes eight weeks from start to finish, our Ready-to-Ship soap is finished, ready, and waiting.
  • Orders ship within two business days of being placed.

Low Minimums

  • Start your soap business with as few as 48 bars
  • No wholesale license necessary
  • The more you buy, the more you save
  • Price breaks available at purchase quantities of 72, 144, 216, 288, and 360
  • Price per bar for 48 bars is $1.99
  • Price per bar for 360 bars is $1.64

Mix and Match the Blends You Buy

  • Tailor your order to fit your needs
  • Choose from our 14 blends in increments of six to fill out the quantity you choose
  • Here’s a hint: The lowest quantity that allows for six bars of all 14 blends is 144

Private Label Extras

As a soap manufacturer, our goal is always making the best soap to put your label on. As your business partner, we try to make the private-label process as easy as possible. In addition to soap, we offer these extras.


    • Choose from white and Kraft Brown boxes for your 4-oz bars.
    • Order the same number of boxes as bars – or more – and we’ll box your bars for you.

Label Stickers

    • Buy them on our web site and use them how you want
    • Front or back, oval or rectangle, the label stickers we offer are made to fit our 4 oz boxes.
    • Request the free label template when you order, import your logo to the template, then print your labels on your home or business printer

Ingredient Labels

    • It might seem like a small thing to have ingredients labels on your boxes, but it’s not.
    • The ingredients labels we offer point out the organic ingredients in your soaps and give you an edge in a market where many sellers make claims for their soaps they can’t back up.
    • Order our ingredients labels for your boxes and you have all the quality proof you need.

1-oz Bars

    • Give them out as samples
    • Sell them as amenity bars to hotels, motels and B&Bs.
    • Market them as gifts for bridal showers, banquets, family and class reunions, any occasion where thanks are given and guests are gathered at tables.
    • Our 1-oz bars are the same world-class soap as our 4-oz bars.
    • They come in our six top-selling blends, in quantities of 144 bars.

Wondering How to Start?

request wholesale pricing information

try samples before buying large quantities

Choose between our full bar sample set or our thin bar sample set. Each soap sample set includes all 14 blends and a packaging sample.
View sample options here

"ready-to-ship" vs.
custom production

Decide which wholesale soap option works best for you! You can easily order low minimums directly online or get your own custom soap produced.

"Ready-to-Ship" Bars for Private-Label Soap Use

We stock 14 blends of 4 oz soap and 6 blends of 1 oz soap for private-label use. All soap blends are made from 85% organic ingredients and are Ready-to-Ship at any time.
  • Order size: 48-360 bars
  • 4 oz and 1 oz bar options
  • Quick order turnaround time
  • Price breaks with quantity
  • Find Out More...

Contract Manufacturing for Your Custom Bar Soap

Botanie Soap is a full-service contract producer of custom bar soaps, providing soap in both small and large quantities. We can assist you with blend formulation, scent blending, and packaging options.
  • Specializing in orders under 20,000 bars
  • Short runs as low as 360 bars per blend
  • Wide range of essential oil blending
  • Price breaks with quantity
  • Find Out More...