Buy Bulk Liquid Soap

Discount with BulkWorld-Class All-Purpose Liquid Soap in Bulk Quantities


Why Buy Bulk Liquid Soap?

Bulk Liquid is the simplest and most streamlined way to buy our castile and foaming liquid soap in quantities greater than are available on our website. From low minimums and great pricing to world-class quality, it couldn’t be easier to get started or to add liquid soap to your product line. Use it as soap base to customize yourself or bottle it and sell it as it is.

Quick Turnaround

    • For those accustomed to custom bar soap timelines, Bulk Liquid is a nice surprise.
    • Depending on the quantities you order, we can ship your bulk liquid soap as quickly as four weeks after you order.

Low Minimums

    • Start your bulk order with as little as 25 gallons.
    • See your price per gallon fall as you order more.
    • Call us to discuss specifics for quantities and price.


    • Our price per gallon is hard to beat. Once we talk, we’ll encourage you to check around.
    • The price gets better as you order more.
    • Simple Standardized Container Options
    • One-gallon jugs. Five-gallon buckets. Fifty-gallon drums.
    • Choose the container that’s best for your needs and your space.

Scented or Unscented

    • Choose unscented liquid for the best deal on price
    • Choose from six scented blends that replicate our best-selling bar blends for not much more.


    • Ready-to-Ship orders ship via FedEx at the great rates we get for shipping so much
    • For Bulk orders, we have additional options to get you the best price possible, be it standard or palette rates.

What Does Castile Mean?

  • The short answer is, Castile soap is non-synthetic liquid soap made without animal fats.
  • Other parts of the world insist that Castile Soap – named after the Castilla region of Spain – must be made with olive oil.
  • In North America, the common working distinction is between soap made with animal fats and soap made with plant and vegetable oils
  • Some soap companies extend the definition of Castile to include bar soap, but general usage refers to liquid soap.